All American Warehouses - Warehouse Space for Lease

Warehouse for rent for 3PL Hotspot providers and logistics companies

We offer a warehouse for the 3PL order fulfillment companies that are providing comprehensive fulfillment and FBA services for different businesses in the USA and startup logistics companies that realize logistics operations across the USA. With our expertise and flexible approach, we ensure effective warehouses for seamless and efficient order processing, storage, and delivery to enhance your business operations and customer satisfaction.

3 PL warehouse for rent.

Services provided

All American Warehouses - Warehouse Space for Lease

3PL warehouses for 3PL and logistics companies offer a one-stop solution for 3PL Hotspot providers and logistics companies. We work with logistics companies and startups, 3PL hotspot providers, and bigger companies, which need the warehouses to distribute their products across the USA.

Warehouse storage for rent and lease.
High ceilings and volume

We provide shelves and palette storage in warehouses in Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Accepting and storing goods are also possible.

Order fulfillment

We offer palettes and packing services to our 3PL tenants. They also can use their packaging materials and add inserts to parcels.

Services upon request
Office space

We provide professional and flexible spaces designed to meet different needs of businesses from startups to big esteblished companies. Increase the company efficiency by having the office near your warehouse.

How we work

Shipping space
Shipping space

We are providing space for your
shipping and sending services.

Faster delivery
3PL service ordering by customers

Customers order 3PL services through your website.

Infrustructure providing

We provide infrastructure to pick and send items to your customers.

Our benefits

Large warehouse space for lease
Large warehouse space

We provide warehouse storage middle and large sizes up to 150 000 sq. ft. for 3PL Hotspot and logistics businesses that require large-scale storage and distribution capabilities.

Cost savings and effectiveness
Cost savings

Renting a 3PL warehouse for your 3PL and logistics company will result in significant cost savings to the business. By leveraging the 3PL warehouse space, and technology.

Faster delivery
Faster delivery

3PL and logistics companies searching faster and better delivery infrastructure compared to their competitors and that’s why companies are looking for convenient 3PL and logistics warehouse providers. There is the possibility to operate through our different warehouses across the country.

Warehouse rent flexibility
Scalability and flexibility

We are offering the businesses to scale up based on the requirements, making it easier for them to adapt to the changing conditions on the market. You will save money with low rental rates at our facilities on flexible terms.

End-to-end warehouse management
End-to-end warehouse management

Another major 3PL warehousing advantage we are providing is end-to-end warehousing flexibility solutions - from procuring products to shipping the customers. Your customers placing orders, the 3PL warehouse fulfill them promptly and efficiently by shipping the products from the nearest warehouse.


In the very competitive world of commerce, customization and personalization are key factors that can set you apart from the competition. Customization is a 3PL advantage that significantly assists brands. 3PLs provide several customized shipping services for B2C and B2B fulfillment.

Latest tech access
Access to the latest tech

To offer the best services for our clients and meet strict service level agreements, we use the latest technologies, such as automated guided vehicles, automated picking tools, , etc.

Easy highway access
Easy highway access

Easy access to the nearest interstate highways has been very convenient for truckers and companies that run a tight time schedule.

Client reviews

Type of companies cooperate with

Renting a 3PL and Logistics Warehouse is a smart option for 3PL Hotspot providers, Logistics companies and the Retail and E-commerce businesses. Check out the types of the businesses that can benefit from the 3PL Warehouse below!
E-commerce businesses

E-commerce businesses often look for ways to optimize their supply chain and minimize shipping expenses. We assist these companies by offering comprehensive warehouse space with the possibility to organize the 3PL process, as well as inventory management solutions tailored to their specific needs.


Retailers can organize their own 3PL solutions to manage their logistics processes and supply chain operations, enabling them to focus on complex business functions. This approach enhances efficiency and leads to cost savings.

Food and beverage companies

Food and beverage companies can organize their complex logistics and 3PL operations, including temperature-controlled shipping and handling. We as 3PL warehouse provider with expertise provide all needed solutions to meet their needs.

3PL logistics companies

3PL logistics providers offer outsourced e-commerce logistics services to third-party businesses, including e-commerce shops, both online and offline retailers, and various other retail companies.

Warehouse Storage Facilities FAQ

Can I run business out of a warehouse storage unit?

Yes. All of All American Warehouses allow for business operations, including those that face the public. According to local zoning ordinances, you can run business operations according to the Heavy or Light Industrial zoning assigned to the property, this includes most commercial uses. Running a wholesale operation is OK, but a retail operation will require city approval; All American Warehouses takes will assist you in obtaining any unique occupancy permits that the city could require. However, it's important to note that the permissibility may vary depending on local regulations, facility policies, and the nature of your business. Contact us if you have any questions about what type of operations we allow at our facility.

How long can I rent warehouse space for?

Warehouse space can be made available for cross-docking (as little as days), but generally storage and warehouse space is made available on a month to month basis, annual and multi-year leases are also common. We can be flexible to suit your business' needs.

Can I start with a smaller space and expand?

Yes, many of our existing tenants started with smaller initial units than they have today. One small business started with us with 1,000 square feet and has expanded to over 12,000 square feet. They have up to 150,000 square feet to expand to.
Some tenants need a fixed space throughout the year, but need extra space for seasonal fluctuations.
Our goal is to serve small businesses and their warehouse and storage needs. We offer competitive pricing and can help you scale your business as it evolves.

Can I order a warehouse space in different locations accross the USA?

Absolutely, we operate three strategically located warehouses in Pennsylvania and Kentucky, specifically in Penn Hills, Jeannette, and Henderson. With these prime locations, we ensure that your orders can reach 96% of Americans within just two days.

What kind of security does 3PL warehouse have in place?

We maintain a high level of security with the following measures in place:
1. Comprehensive security camera coverage both inside and outside the warehouse.
2. Thorough background checks on all employees to ensure trustworthiness.
3. Fencing and round-the-clock security to safeguard our facilities.
4. Secure overnight storage at all our warehouse locations.
5. Robust internet security protocols to protect against hacking and safeguard your sensitive data.

What kind of additional services you are providing?

We offer additional services such as pallet management, office space, and vehicle storage tailored to meet the needs of businesses.

Do you also offer office space?

Yes we do! Each of our warehouse facilities offer a small amount of office space that is available for lease. Your corporate headquarters, sales team and logistics, can be located on the same campus!

What kind of contract is required?

We are providing our contract for signing with our standard agreement. Our contract includes such parts as service standards, leasing terms and timing, contract length, scope of provided services, parties obligations.

Can I visit your warehouse?

Yes, you can visit our warehouses and meet us in person. We will show you our facilities, infrastructure, additional services we are providing. Book our clients' tour and we will show you the benefits we are providing for our tenants.